" I started with Momentum on February 8, 2021. I knew after the second week of training that this is the gym I need to be at.  Classes have been enjoyable, challenging, and adaptable to everyone in the class. I like how the week progresses and that there are reasons behind everything that we do in class. Knowing that by the end of each Mesocycle we will have achieved a goal that will build into the next cycle is something new to me. I am finding that this is something that is extremely helpful in reaching my fitness goals. I also like that overall health is the main focus of the gym, not how much each person weighs or bulking up.  The trainers at Momentum, Keagan and Braeden, have been amazing and have helped me to improve on many things, including form and mental strength. They share their knowledge and answer all of my 'why' questions with more than 'because that is the way we do it.' If you are looking for a gym that will help you reach your goals and support you both in and out of the gym, you need to check out Momentum! "

Amy Moore


“Theres a big friendly, family environment. Everyone is on a first name basis and everyone is invested in the fitness journey of their workout buddies. At my previous gym I put in my headphones and didn’t talk to a soul. When you are having a day where your motivation to go is low, knowing that you are going to be missed at the workout, is that little extra boost you need to go. The trainers know what they’re doing as well. I have an extremely bad back and have been avoiding free weights. Kettlebells and barbells are the heart of the Momentum fitness workout, so at first I wasn’t interested in joining but I went to the open house because I had workout friends that were going. I wanted to check out why they were excited. I was skeptical of Braeden and Keegan’s claim at the open house that the workouts were tailored to you. I couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased that the workouts are tailored to me. When there are movements that I can’t perform they have alternate exercises that give me that same functional workout of the targeted muscle group but within the scope of my limitations. I love that they are invested in our health journey. They focus on both the physical and nutritional things I need to do to be my healthiest self.”

Ron Spence