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What We Offer

We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to all members and their abilities, regardless of their experience.

All of our workouts and nutritional coaching is tailored to YOU, the individual, to give you all the tools you need to get results that stick.


Group Personal Training

Momentum Gym offers classes throughout the entire day: a Strength session and a Conditioning session.


Each workout is accompanied by a StrongFirst personal trainer, and the intensity can be gauged to fit your needs and abilities.

Curious to when each class is?

Nutritional Coaching

All members are given Nutritional Guidance (if desired) at sign up. Each nutrition plan is tailored to the individual, as every body is different. 

Our goal is to find a plan that works, and a plan that sticks. We at Momentum will do everything we can to give you the tools you need to see results that stick.

Interested in Nutritional Coaching alone?


Encouraging Environment

The training and nutrition are the building blocks to a stronger, leaner, healthier body. But what keeps you going? Your environment.

Each member encourages one another, and truly cares about each other's goals, giving Momentum a much more "fun with friends" vibe.

What're you waiting for?

Join the Momentum Gym Family and


Still not sure?
Book a FREE Introductory Session to see if we're a good fit for YOU.

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