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6-Week Challenge!

If you're looking to drop body fat, build some muscle, or just become a stronger and healthier individual, NOW is the time to get started!

Join us for our 6-Week Challenge to learn more about how to get results that STICK. 6 additional weeks of free training will be rewarded to those who either lose 10lbs of bodyfat or gain 5lbs of muscle!

Don't wait to change your life, sign up today!


Momentum Gym

Need guidance and coaching for your fitness journey? Schedule an Introductory Class so we can move forward with your fitness.

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Dawn Karel

“I joined Momentum in September and I've had the best results I've ever seen. I joined when they started a 6-week challenge. In that time, I lost 13 pounds of fat and gained 7 pounds of muscle. I never would have believed   in myself like Braeden and Keagan do. They actually train you, believe in you and help you achieve your goals, while maintaining proper form (which to me is the most important aspect!) Most of all, whether I'm in a class by myself or with 15 others, these classes are so much fun!”

900 Green Valley Road, Beaver Dam Wisconsin, 53916

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